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About Lisanne Tremblay

Lisanne Tremblay is an absolutely unique violinist and composer. Her approach to melody, rhythm and improvising is striking and her music has a rare level of intensity and energy. Described as an imaginative and agile Quebecoise violinist by JazzTimes, she has shared the stage with gifted musicians such as Danilo Pérez, Greg Osby,┬áRafael Zaldivar, and John Korsrud. Tremblay's debut album entitled "Violinization" was created from a place of deep love for improvisation. It documents her relentless quest for a new language and incorporates elements from bebop to modern jazz in a way that has never been heard on the violin. The recording was financed by Canada Council for the Arts and features CONTACT _Con-367669881 \c \s \l Rafael Zaldivar (piano), Rémi-Jean LeBlanc (bass), and Philippe Melanson (drums). Surrounded by outstanding musicians, the violinist offers an innovative voice which reflects great individuality and multicultural awareness:

"Tremblay's tone is impressively pure, she displays superb articulation and she's not afraid to use the full range of her instrument." - James Hale, DownBeat Magazine

"The recording is fantastic! It's fresh, different and just what the world needs to hear." - Greg Osby

"A star on the rise. Her group and compositions sound like no one else." - Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

"This violinist has an original language, a strong technique, and a very interesting sound." - Didier Lockwood

"A familiarity is bred with her particular voice throughout an album that never sits still in presenting unexpected views." - Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

"This is an important development for the growing international community of improvising string players." - Christian Howes

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