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2020 brings new artists and new releases. Stay tuned!


“Our artists endeavor towards producing works which will reveal the best that fearless and idealistic thinkers can achieve in art music.”
-Greg Osby


Wrote Ben Ratliff (New York Times) of Osby and Inner Circle Music, “Recording and releasing new albums by other artists he admires…he is a walking discovery and recommendation engine…It's from [Osby’s] bandstands that I first learned about some of the better New York jazz musicians of the last 10 years: the pianist Jason Moran, the drummers Rodney Green and Eric Harland, the bassists Tarus Mateen and Matt Brewer.”


George Burton - "Finding / Reciprocity"

Viktorija Pilatovic - "Confusion"

João Bararadas "Inner Circle"

Troy Roberts "Tales & Tones"

Tammy Scheffer - "Wake Up, Fall Asleep" Sampler

Gabriel Vicens - "Days" EPK

Carlos Averhoff, Jr - "Iresi" EPK

Yuhan Su - "A Room of One's Own" EPK

Snow Owl "Blue Road" Sneak Peek

Lara Solnicki - "Whose Shadow?" EPK

João Bararadas "Directions"

Adam Larson - "Selective Amnesia" EPK

Kavita Shah - "Visions" EPK

James Weidman's Aperturistic Trio - "Truth and Actuality" EPK

Check out a preview of the new film, "Making It." Featuring Alex LoRe and some of New York's finest artists. It's a documentary about the highs and lows of life as a jazz musician in New York City.










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